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KJ Gonzales
Software Engineer from MNL, PHL and WEB DESIGNER IN TRANSIT.

And this is my own HAPPINESS PROJECT. :)

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Because I cut my hair short, it’s time to update my avatar yet again!

I just wish my hair really falls like this, but no, my hair always fall so straight that I need to mess it up just to give my hair some volume.

Talk about straight hair problems, hah! But no, I love my hair. There are things I thank for having my hair like this: I don’t need hair treatments like rebond, relax, hot oil, etc! My hair has its natural dark brown color that I don’t need to dye my hair. :D

This is my Handy-dandy-notebook (even if it’s not handy at all!). This is where I place my doodles, typography, drawings, and some other artsy things. I have published a few of them, but I think 4/5 of what I drew here are not.

I just can’t believe that I’m really opening and drawing in this notebook again. The last time I’ve drawn here is like over a year ago? You see, I don’t have much creativity and time for so long. And I’m glad I’ve just bought my domain to start something new. Um no, to get back to where I used to be. :D

It’s not too late to chase my dreams after all. :)

I’ve got a gift for myself and it’s my own domain name and web hosting!! HOORAY! *confetti showers here!*

It’s been ages since I have dreamed of having my own domain name, (like my own WWW.KJGONZALES.COM!!!) and here it is! And seriously, I haven’t thought of it twice. I just searched for domain and web hosting sites, then eventually find myself paying a one year subscription for my very own domain and webhosting. Yes, impulsive buying! Hehe.

I have to, you know, before I can change my mind. :)) I’m fickle minded just like that.

To tell you the truth, I don’t have any plans yet on what to put on my website, or how will I design it… I just bought it without anything in mind but “THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR MYSELF.” This is enough, right? x) And to bargain with myself more, domain + webhosting just cost me Php 1,640/year. It’s really a cheap deal!!

Now I’m just waiting for my website to propagate and I’ll tell you when it’s done! :D Temporarily, this tumblr site will reside in my own website via www.blog.kjgonzales.com and tumblr will redirect you automatically once my website has been finished propagating itself. :D

And by the way, I’ve got my domain & webhost at Zoom Hosting! :)

Without self-discipline, no one can help you. With self-discipline, no one can stop you.
What are the most common ways that you sabotage yourself from obtaining what you want out of life? How can you set up ways to short circuit these processes to prevent them from occurring?



The guy who beeped at you isn’t angry that you took two seconds to go when the light turned green. He’s upset that his kids don’t communicate with him anymore.

The woman who gossiped about you at work isn’t really angry with you. She’s upset that she never got that big break she dreamed…

I usually fret during this month, never excited for my birthday and believe me, some of my past birthdays are included in my days-that-need-to-be-forgotten.

But I am hoping that this year’s going to be different. :D

In spite of how July welcomes me with sickness, traps me in an elevator for 20+ solid minutes, brings two typhoons in two weeks… I still believe in happy birthday. :)

Wake me up with a sweet good morning and happy birthday on my bed, please? :D